Hill Climb Racing Franchise Downloaded Over 2 Billion Times

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A new milestone has been reached by the Hill Climb Racing franchise with total downloads breaching 2 billion across platforms. The franchise includes Hill Climb Racing, the sequel Hill Climb Racing 2, and the Android version released in China.

This milestone is significant for it was back in 2018 when the franchise had exceeded 1 billion downloads. So, it only took four years to double its download figures.

Hill Climb Racing was developed by Finnish studio Fingersoft and released back in 2012 for Android, iOS, MS Windows, and Windows Phone. The objective is to drive as far as possible across progressively difficult racing stages while collecting coins. The game had reached at least 1.5 billion downloads and last year saw 220 million new players. In addition, it was played by more than 4 million users per day.

The success of the first game result in the release of the sequel Hill Climb Racing 2 in 2016. It introduced a bunch of new things like asynchronous multiplayer features and character and vehicle customization. Later on teams, leagues, and recurring LiveOps events were added. This game had approximately 70 million new players in 2021 and had an average of 1.35 million daily users.

Finally, there is the Chinese Android version which has gather more than 500 million downloads.

Other relevant figures include:

  • At least 40 Million people play every month.
  • It’s played in 195 countries.
  • More than 115 Billion total races have taken place.
    • An estimated 80 million currently taking place every day
  • ​Over 8.5 Million chests opened per day.
  • 979,564 teams created in Hill Climb Racing 2.

Fingersoft CEO Jaakko Kylmäoja shared that the charm of the game shows no sign of slowing or fading. He revealed that for many players, Hill Climb Racing is one of the first apps that people install on a new phone. The game is easy to pick up but rather challenging to master. Kylmäoja went on to say that they make sure to continuously add new content to ensure that they remain exciting.

In addition to this new milestone, Fingersoft and Hill Climb Racing are celebrating a 10th anniversary this year. Learn more about the anniversary here.

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