Here's Why Forge Isn't A Suitable Character In Apex Legends

Forge Dead

Apex Legends fans likely remember how Respawn Entertainment trolled all of us by introducing Forge as a Season 4 Legend. Forge was said to be someone who was capable of getting in the face of opponents and being adept at melee combat. There's no denying that fans and even data miners fell for the trap. However, Forge was murdered by Revenant shortly before Season 4. Although Forge was said to have a number of interesting abilities that fans were looking forward to trying out, when Respawn confirmed that Forge was a made-up character, a majority of the Apex Legends fanbase was disappointed. However, Respawn recently opened up on how Forge wasn't a suitable Legend in the Battle Royale.

Respawn Dev Daniel Klein explained on Reddit that since Apex Legends is a gun game, introducing a melee-based character could cause an imbalance in the gameplay. Klein clearly stated that Forge was a made-up character to trick players and he was never thought to be a playable Legend. To those who are still hoping to see Forge in the future, Klein has confirmed that the Legend will not be making it into the game.

Moreover, fans should have already known that Forge will not be added to the Apex Legends' roster as he was killed by Revenant. Some players even took it so far as to believe that the Legend might be secretly alive and may show up in the game sometime in the future.

Even though Forge won't be joining the Battle Royale, Respawn has teased a new Legend called Horizon, who is set to join the roster in Season 7. There isn't much that we know about Horizon yet, but leaks suggest that the Legend will be capable of taking control of air.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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