Here’s How You Can Get Paid for Discussing PC Gaming Online

Here’s How You Can Get Paid for Discussing PC Gaming Online
Here’s How You Can Get Paid for Discussing PC Gaming Online PCGAMER.BUZZ

The concept where people get paid for creating and curating content related to PC gaming was recently discussed by the nearly 3 million subscriber strong YouTube Channel, TechSource - a place that’s ripe with educational content posted regularly since 2012.

It’s become clear there’s someone new in the world of PC gaming content: PCGAMER.BUZZ . Their top priority is to share revenue with users who identify and share good quality content. It’s built for those who want to be part of a strong PC gaming community and also want to maximize their financial gains in the process. Think about your regular scrolling, liking, commenting and sharing. Now imagine that you can get paid for the things you engaged with. That’s exactly what PCGAMER.BUZZ offers.

Before diving in, it’s important to mention that when things sound too good to be true, they often are. In this case however, it appears PCGAMER.BUZZ has everything it promised. It’s full of quality content related to PC gaming, and there’s actually monetary incentive to interact with it.

When scrolling through PCGAMER.BUZZ, you can stop at any time to sponsor a post that piques your interest. PCGAMER.BUZZ starts you off with a small amount of money so you can choose your favorite post and liberally give it a sponsor. That’s when the magic happens. After a few hours, or minutes, or even seconds, you’ll get an exciting email notifying you that you have made a profit. You got all your money back for the sponsorship, and you also made a small % on top of your initial investment.

Each post is made up of a few parts - the main one being the banner. When you sponsor a post you’re essentially taking control of the banner until someone comes by after you and sponsors it instead at a price that’s 30% higher. This will effectively increase the cost of popular content, and will offer an opportunity for people who are engaging in PC gaming related conversations online.

PCGAMER.BUZZ immediately shares two thirds of their profits with users. This is a massive shift from what we’re generally used to while consuming content online. Half of this payout goes to people who go through and sponsor posts, and the rest goes to the brave people who publish content for the world to see.

Content on PCGAMER.BUZZ can be anything from a funny original meme to a beautiful gaming setup in the making. People are asking for feedback on their gear, sharing videos of their in-game streams and even posting inspiring quotes. It’s becoming a true community for PC gamers.

This approach opens doors for people who gamers who spend time online curating and generating quality content. It could end up being another stream of income for hardcore gamers who pay close attention to their financial gains.

Lastly, when you’re ready to transfer the money you’ve made off of PCGAMER.BUZZ, you’re able to cash out at the TechSource store , or you can buy games from Steam , or you can even buy things on

It will be interesting to see how this new model changes the expectations people have when they are spending time consuming content online. If there’s profit to be made, people might end up migrating and enjoying their new online communities.

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