HellSign v1.0.2.3 Patch Notes: Performance Issues Fixed, General Changes, And More

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Ballistic Interactive, the developer of investigative action RPG HellSign, has introduced new bug fixes and multiple improvements to the game. The big news with the patch involves an updated gadget system, which allowed Ballistic to release the new forest level. Some of the performance issues with the game such as stuttering and FX visibility issues were fixed. The game got a small VRAM optimization while using the thermal gadget, which is helpful as you use the gadget quite a bit.

The developers also added footstep splashes to kelpie oil and blood pools to make them more realistic while also improving visuals. An issue with the save file not loading due to old ingredients was also fixed in the latest update.

HellSign v1.0.2.3 Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Scouting 1 & sweeping support for new forest level
  • Prevented cryptid analyzing if they're already dead
  • Optimized vram usage when using thermal gadget
  • Improved thermal & parabolic descriptions to mention the mechanics
  • Increased parabolic range by 20%
  • Replaced journal upside down text with proper hieroglyphics
  • Parabolic gadget now supports original dead people sounds
  • Added few missing string to locale file
  • Added footstep splashes to kelpie oil & bloodpool
  • Forest water property, messes with temperature readings and blacklight trails
  • Improved parabolic visuals
  • Toned down emf sounds (were too loud)
  • Reduced parabolic & blacklight battery consumption
  • Rebalanced xp needed for level 17, and increase level cap to 20
  • Slightly faded the noscan striped red boundary area


  • Fixed issue with stutters every three to five seconds
  • Fixed thermal recharge electricity FX visibility issues
  • Fixed rare issue with older saves not loading, due to outdated ingredients in slots
  • Fixed being able to shoot jumping enemies before they appear
  • Fixed redundant key message on locked doors in tutorials
  • Fixed cigars & boots artifact blueprints using invalid sign types
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