Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.12.2: Balancing Changes, Soviet Union AI Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

Hearts of Iron IV
Hearts of Iron IV Paradox Interactive

Hearts of Iron IV, the strategy wargame by Paradox Development Studio, has been getting a ton of love. Fans are enjoying the new By Blood Alone expansion, released a few days ago, but the developer isn’t done with just new content.

A new patch went live, bringing some important tweaks. Several balancing changes are made, and Soviet Union AI is now a little less violent. You can also expect a plethora of bug fixes and improvements.

Soviet Union AI is now more into upgrading manpower and less likely to blow up railways. The speed gain via excess thrust is reduced, and the cost of Transport plane IC is increased.

  • increased thrust of late game engines, balance multiengine thrust, Improved SE.100 template engine
  • Increased Transport plane IC cost 4>20
  • Minors and Puppets will now go back to trying to support their faction members with warscore, rather than striking out on their own. Silesia and Kashubia are now considered unlikely tags to be released.
  • Reduced speed gain from excess thrust
  • guided anti ship missile module is now unlocked by advanced rocket tech
  • balance pass on thrust and ic cost for engines
  • Increased base point calculation for winners in peace conference by 10% of base. This should result in fewer instances where original countries are left around. Several cost modifiers have been altered which should also result in it being slightly less expensive to make full demands in ordinary circumstances.
  • Soviet Union prioritizes upgrading manpower over blowing up railways now
  • Civil war can get complicated regarding characters. Add keep_all_characters parameter to start_civil_war effect. Target country will keep all characters, none will be transferred to revolter. It's then up to script to do the full dispatch of the characters.

You can read about the latest patch in great detail via Steam.

The patch is only available on Steam right now; the Microsoft Store version of the patch will go live next week.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other issues that you want the developer to address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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