'Hearthstone' Price Increase Won't Affect US Players, Relax Amani Berserker

Dinosaur Houndmaster
Hearthstone won't cost more, for most of us. Blizzard

On Thursday, a post on the European Battle.net forums have made Hearthstone players quite angry. Zaerhinon, the Hearthstone European community manager, announced on Battle.net that Blizzard will adjust the price of card packs “to align with local and regional market conditions.” That means an almost 30 percent price increase in some regions, which you can imagine fans aren’t too happy about.

The Hearthstone subreddit is filled with angry posts from fans outraged that they might need to spend a bit more money on packs. LordMalkoth is livid that the Hearthstone developers said they wanted to make the game more accessible to new players and he’s convinced a price increase will scare them off. Other users claim Blizzard is an evil, corporate, money-making shill that only cares about the bottom dollar and not the fans.  

Fans will always be upset when a company wants to make more money, but do they have any right to be? Nothing about these cards differ from region to region, so why does Blizzard feel the need to make more money?

Depending on where you are in Europe, some card packs are actually cheaper than their US counterparts. Reddit user Buttchouda compared all the prices of cards in each region and converted them to USD. Blizzard still thinks of their fans first and won’t price gouge their player base, but it could look that way to some.

Just be happy United States players, that is, until Blizzard comes for your card packs.

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