'Hearthstone' 'Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan' Expansion: Priests Finally Get An Amazing Legendary, Raza The Chained

raza the chained
Raza The Chained, Priest's newest Hearthstone Legendary from Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan YouTube via Amaz

Amaz, one of Hearthstone’s most popular streamers, just revealed the best Priest Legendary coming in Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan . Raza The Chained is a 5-mana 5/5 Priest Legendary that has the Battlecry: “if you have no duplicates in your deck, your Hero Power costs zero (0).” That is absolutely bonkers; the possibilities for this card are almost endless. Everyone complained how underpowered Priest was when Purify was announced and now the Hearthstone devs are doing everything they can to make Priest OP as hell.

There’s so many reasons why Raza The Unchained is a top-tier Legendary. It has amazing stats, on it’s own Raza is a pretty formidable minion, trading well into other 5-mana minions like Spectral Knight. Having no duplicates in your deck does have its problems, but you trade away consistency for pure, unmitigated power. You are essentially getting two mana for free every turn, neutralizing whatever little trades your opponent was trying to send your way. Combine it with a Justicar Trueheart and you can heal for four health every turn for free. Goodbye Face Hunter.

There are some cards in Hearthstone that would break the game if combined with Raza’s effect. Thankfully, they aren’t in the same class, but with this game’s crazy RNG, anything’s possible. Summon a Coldarra Drake from a Forbidden Shaping after using Shadowform and you have unlimited two-damage blasts to your opponent's face.

Raza The Unchained’s effect has been confirmed to work even if you change your hero power. When asked on reddit if playing Shadowform after playing Raza would negate its effect, Blizzard designer mdonais on reddit said it wouldn’t.  

I don’t often like to hype too many cards up before an expansion releases, but Raza deserves it. Like Don Han’Cho , decks will be built around acquiring as much value with as little an investment as possible. An Inspire Priest deck that uses Tournament Medic and Kodo Rider might sound terrible, but so did Aggro Shaman just a year ago.

The Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan expansion comes to Hearthstone in December.

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