'Hearthstone' Daily Login Rewards Unearthed By Data Miners, Free 'Journey To Un'Goro' Packs For Logging In

Dinosaur Houndmaster
Dinosaur Houndmaster just likes to hug. Blizzard

Dataminers, those nameless internet heroes who dig through a game’s code like a Tuskarr through funnel cakes, have found some interesting code in Hearthstone ’s last patch. The Daily Awards, also known as free stuff you get for turning the game on, have been leaked. For the first seven days up to the release of the next expansion, Journey To Un’Goro , you will receive anything from gold to card packs.

Here’s the list of daily awards from Hearthpwn:

Day 1: 50 Gold Day 2: 1 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan PackDay 3: 100 Arcane DustDay 4: 1 Old Gods PackDay 5: 1 Journey to Un'Goro PackDay 6: 50 GoldDay 7: 1 Journey to Un'Goro PackDay 8: Day 14: 50 Gold

The eighth day is there just in case the dinosaurs get out of their cards and the set has to be pushed back a week. However, if Blizzard has somehow managed to turn time so that there is an extra day added to the week, that would give me more time to play Overwatch . Maybe, unleash one of those Old Gods you keep lying around.

In total, you get four packs, two of which are the newest set, 450 gold and 100 dust. For turning your Battle.net client on, that’s a pretty good deal. I’m already a daily user who tries to complete as many Daily Quests as possible, this should be a piece of cake.

What do you think of the new Daily Rewards coming to Hearthstone ? Let us know in the comments.

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