Has Xbox Series X's Controller Improved Upon Its Predecessor?

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As we all know, a new console also means a new controller and Xbox Series X's controller will see massive improvements over its predecessor. Microsoft's senior designer for the Xbox team shared how the company has enhanced its controller for Xbox Series X.

To begin with, to use the Xbox Series X controller, you don't necessarily have to buy the console. The controller can be bought separately and can be used on the older Xbox One as well. The controller will also work seamlessly with proprietary Xbox One accessories such as the chatpad. With the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy support, the controller will also connect with Android and iOS devices as well as with PCs.

According to Microsoft's Ryan Whitaker, the company has rolled out a "system-wide" improvement called the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) that helps in reducing latency when gaming. DLI works by sending information aggressively from the controller and matches it to the frames that you receive in games. Whitaker stated that DLI will reduce latency by several milliseconds, making the entire gaming experience feel snappier and more smooth.

The new Xbox Series X controller will also feature a dedicated Share button. This button allows you to share your screenshots and videos instantaneously. The new controller seems to have borrowed a few design elements from the Xbox One Elite controller. It now features a hybrid d-pad and there is said to be tactile feel triggers and bumpers. The D-pad and triggers will now feature a matte finish, aiding in a more consistent look.

Microsoft shared how the new Xbox Series X controller has received several ergonimics upgrades like rounding the bumpers and triggers and adjusting the overall size of the controller. According to the tech giant, this was done by making the controller comfortable for an average 8-year-old which "improves accessibility and comfort for hundreds of millions more people without negatively affecting the experience for those with larger hands."

The new Xbox Series X controller will launch alongside the upcoming next-gen console during the 2020 holidays.

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