Hardspace: Shipbreaker Update 1.1.0 Brings Additional Tracks to the OST

Update 1.1.0
Update 1.1.0 Steam

Update 1.1.0 is now available for Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Also known as Original Soundtrack Update, this patch brings additional tracks to the game’s OST so that you can listen to them while you salvage spaceships.

About 27 new tracks have been added, including 16 “Tension” remixes of the original folk tracks and 11 incidental tracks that include themes from the opening and closing cinematics.

Aside from that, Update 1.1.0 adds some gameplay improvements to Hardspace: Shipbreaker. For one, the AI node placement has been updated which results in better distribution within an entire ship. Furthermore, the Electric Cable Junctions will no longer be dislodged when using the grapple.

Patch Notes

  • New Gecko Station Hopper interior color variants have been added which fit the companies that used them before being sent to Lynx to be scrapped
  • New lights are added to Morrigan Station and the salvage bay
  • Updates to HUD to make several elements more legible on larger screens
  • Added a HUD marker to help the player locate the Railgate when it fires for the first time
  • Changed width and font size of tier rewards to fit “Repair Kit” in one line in other languages
  • Updated the Game Over Screen to increase legibility
  • Updated Job board UI to increase legibility
  • Updated fonts for the player badge on the main menu for increased readability
  • Added a confirmation pop-up after pressing save and quit
  • The last decrypted data entry will be opened automatically after successful decryption in the Dataminer interface
  • The audio player widget now remains active in the HAB when no longer interacting with the terminal
  • A piece of fuel pipe can be found free-floating in Heavy Cargo Geckos
  • Violent decompression occurs in the Crew Quarters of Heavy Cargo geckos when cutting a certain keel cut point
  • A gap can be present in the back of the hull of the gecko station hopper
  • Interior assets can spawn right in front of a front cabin airlock in certain Javelins
  • Ship Failed to Load popup shows up on the second wakeup call
  • When the railgate charges up to fire, there are a ton of floating, blue, sparkly lights that shouldn't be there
  • Returning too soon to the HAB during Kaito’s VO prevents other campaign VOs to trigger
  • Radiation filter emissive turns off but the filter is still barge salvageable
  • Game crashed by pressing escape at the end of the HAB employee terminal exit transition
  • Part of the salvage bay is too bright when viewed from the HAB
  • Player can get instantaneously crushed when flushing a thruster on an Atlas Tug

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Update 1.1.0 is available on PC.

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