Halo Infinite: Devs Vow Players Would Never Have to Grind Battle Passes

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Halo Infinite developers said in a recent insider report that they’re not forcing people to grind so many hours to unlock all Battle Pass rewards.

Battle Passes are a staple in many live service games where players get certain rewards after reaching specific thresholds. To get more, some players pay to get premium rewards.

That said, getting everything from a Battle Pass can consume time, and not many people can spend countless hours playing games.

Ryan Paradis, live team design director, and Christopher Blohm, lead progression designer, revealed what to expect in the new Battle Pass. They said in a recent Inside Infinite segment that players won’t “have to grind Battle Passes.”

Battle Passes Should Not Be a Grind

Paradis explained that the game will employ seasons just like any live service game out there. Each season will last three months to give players ample time to unlock all of the season’s Battle Pass Rewards. Paradis added that players can expect fresh content, new events, and many updates in every new season.

Blohm added that they are focused on improving the player experience. After a season ends, the developers will look at what worked and what didn’t so that they can come up with more exciting content that players will love.

The game’s lead progression designer highlighted that they do not demand players to spend hours to complete the Battle Pass. “We want players having fun in Halo, not grind it like it’s a job,” he said.

While new things are expected to come every season, players need not wait three months to have in-game bugs fixed. Paradis said that they have the infrastructure in place that allows them to deploy bug fixes as soon as things have been resolved on their end.

Expect Events Mixed into Every Season

You can expect enjoyable activities every season with seasonal events. Blohm said that in Season 1, there are weeks where new activities will be added for players to complete. You can gain specific rewards from them, and you do not have to spend money to gain access to these activities.

It is worth noting that players do not have to be stressed out when completing Battle Pass rewards as they can be acquired at their own pace. They do not expire and can be purchased, including Battle Passes from previous seasons.

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