Gwent App Confirmed? 'Witcher 3' Devs Register Trademark Ahead Of E3

Spies are about as good an opening play as you can make in Gwent
Spies are about as good an opening play as you can make in Gwent Photo: International Digital Times

According a report from NerdLeaks , CD Projekt RED is planning to unveil a new Gwent app based on the popular standalone card game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This trademark filing seems to confirm our speculation last month that a Gwent app would be shown at E3 after the studio announced there would be no news concerning its next project Cyberpunk 2077.

As mentioned in our previous story, I’ve had my suspicions that a Gwent app release would be coming soon after I attended a panel for the mini-game at PAX East. During the panel’s final Q and A a fan asked panelists (and Gwent creators) Damian Monnier and Rafal Jaki if a Gwent app was coming. Both laughed, and Monnier whipped out his phone to record an auditorium full of Gwent nerds screaming “YES!” when he asked us if we wanted a Gwent app so he could take it to his bosses.

Honestly, I think a Gwent app from CD Projekt RED could be pretty killer. The company already has a strong reputation for being anti-Games Industry Fuckery like microtransactions, DRM and overpriced DLC. So I don’t think a mobile game from them would be rife with cash grab tactics, and I’d expect a product on par with Bethesda’s excellent Fallout Shelter release. Plus, most of us Gwent nerds have only played against in-game AI and not human opponents. I also play a fair amount of Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone, and I’ve always wanted to test my Gwent mettle against other humans like I can in those games.

I’ve reached out to CD Projekt RED for comment on this story. Although we can view some trademark filing forms online, I would urge readers to remember that we have seen European trademark hoaxes before. So although it looks official, and common sense seems to point us in this direction, let’s not get our hopes up too high until we hear official word from CDPR about a possible Gwent app. It might come today, and at the very least will come at E3.

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