Guild Wars 2: Latest Update Invites Players to the Annual Dragon Bash Event

Dragon Bash 2022
Dragon Bash 2022 ArenaNET

ArenaNet’s free-to-play MMORPG Guild Wars 2 gets the latest update and invites players to the annual Dragon Bash event.

For those new to Guild Wars 2, the Dragon Bash is a summer festival celebrating Tyria’s resistance and victories against the Elder Dragons. Several festive games are available during the event period.

For example, you can enter the Dragon Arena and fight against lifelike dragon holograms where you can show the world what you’re made of. You can also engage in the Dragon Arena Survival if you want a more challenging experience.

This event will end on June 28 at 3 p.m. EST.

Aside from the Dragon Bash event, the latest update for Guild Wars 2 brought a lot of new things, some of which you can read below:

Dragon Bash
  • Festive Games
    • Hologram Stampede: The fighting continues in the Hologram Stampede, a map-wide scramble to clear the Hoelbrak countryside of deadly enemies
    • Piñata Bashing: Master the tradition of destroying dragon piñatas in the Piñata Bashing adventure
    • Dragon Bash Rally: Speed around Hoelbrak in a mounted race, the Dragon Bash Rally
  • The festival meta-achievement, (Annual) Dragon Bash Feats, has been updated with a new reward, the Holographic Dragon Greaves. Last year's reward, the Holographic Dragon Gloves, can now be purchased from the Dragon Bash Merchant (Prizes)
  • A new Dragonbone weapon set is now available! You'll receive your choice of a weapon by progressing the Dragon Bash Feats meta-achievement, and you can rarely find additional tradable weapons in Dragon Coffers available from a new daily achievement
  • A new weekly achievement, Dragon Bash Festivities, is now available. Participate in various festival activities to earn progress and get weekly rewards
DirectX 11
  • Cursor clipping now changes immediately when changing between full-screen and windowed modes
  • Cursor clipping is now disabled when the game window is not focused
  • Improved the clarity of the user interface when using non-native render resolution options
  • Full-screen windowed mode will now take effect on the nearest monitor instead of always using the primary monitor
  • When switching to windowed mode, the window will now shrink slightly
Special Forces Training Area
  • The Special Forces Training Area is now accessible to everyone and no longer requires a raid squad
  • Mounts are now allowed in the Special Forces Training Area
  • Added a new entrance to the Special Forces Training Area in Lion's Arch
  • A new global dungeon currency, Tales of Dungeon Delving, has been introduced
    • All previous dungeon currencies have been retired
    • Completing any dungeon will now award Tales of Dungeon Delving
    • Existing dungeon currencies will be converted to the new Tales of Dungeon Delving currency upon logging in

You can read the full patch notes here.

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