GTA Online Weekly Update: Recover Dr. Dre's Stolen Cell Phone and Earn Double Rewards

Be a good Samaritan and earn more rewards. Rockstar Games

This week in GTA Online, Franklin is asking for your help and bring back Dr. Dre's stolen cell phone while also taking down those responsible. Those who do would be happy to know that The Data Leaks is offering 2X GTA$ and RP. Meanwhile, those who can deliver the individuals responsible to Dre in The Contract's finale get an extra GTA$100,000 Weekly Challenge bonus.

To get started, you'll need to have your very own Agency. Those who don't own it yet can head on over to Dynasty 8 Executive. This week, Agency Properties and their upgrades and modifications are available at 30% off.

Double Rewards

Helping Dr. Dre isn't the only thing giving out double rewards. Get to play as Franklin and Lamar and take part in Short Trips and build LD Organics to become a legitimate herbal empire. In return, you get to earn 2X GTA$ and RP. GTA+ Members meanwhile can earn more with these Short Trips bonuses doubled to 4X GTA$ and RP.

You can also join Sumo (Remix) and smash opponents as you try to hold out your spot. It really doesn't matter whether you survive until the timer runs out or risk spontaneous combustion since you get to take home 2X GTA$ and RP.

Visit the Showrooms

This week, Simeon has some interesting vehicles in his Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom. These include: to see what Simeon's laid out this week:

  • Lampadati Michelli GT (Sports Classic)
  • Grotti GT500 (Sports Classic)
  • Canis Seminole Frontier (SUV)
  • Pfister Comet (Sports)
  • Dinka Akuma (Motorcycle)

The Luxury Autos showroom on the other hand has the Declasse Impaler LX (Muscle) and Vapid Dominator GT (Muscle) on the window display.

Vehicle Discounts

There are a lot of vehicles being offered at a discount and they're all available at 40% off. These are:

  • Karin Hotring Everon (Sports)
  • Declasse Tahoma Coupe (Muscle)
  • Classique Broadway (Muscle)
  • Vapid Taxi (Service)
  • Zirconium Journey II (Van)
  • BF Surfer Custom (Van)
  • Pfister Comet SR (Sports)
  • Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic)
  • Grotti Cheetah (Super)
  • Vapid Dominator GTX (Muscle)
  • Declasse Hotring Sabre (Sports)
  • Lampadati Michelli GT (Sports Classic)

GTA Online is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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