GTA Online: New Update Invites You to Take on Project Overthrow and LSA Operations

New missions await! Rockstar Games

The San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online is finally here. That means players can now team up with some of the most daring guns-for-hire in Los Santos to try and take back the city. Everyone gets the chance to engage in explosive guerilla operations against the forces of Merryweather Security while performing high-stakes and high-flying raids across the state.

Project Overthrow

As part of the new update, players can partner with Charlie Reed and help him in Project Overthrow. While most people know Charlie as an aircraft mechanic working in the Hangar, he's also an ex-military operator having significant experience in different heists around Los Santos over the years.

What is Project Overthrow? It's a multipronged attack against Merryweather Security. For Charlie, Merryweather has obtained enough defense contracts, illegal R&D, and even good old-fashioned criminal rackets that ripping them off is a win-win scenario. Project Overthrow features six new missions where one to four players can put their mercenary skills to the ultimate test. They'll need to conduct reconnaissance, recover valuable equipment, perform audacious rescues, and of course, fight their way across the well-oiled war machine of Merryweather.

Project Overthrow can be launched from the new Operations Terminal upgrade for the Mammoth Avenger, available at Warstock Cache & Carry.

LSA Operations

The new Operations Terminal allows players to take on LSA Operations, which offer three private contracts. Each contract gives players a chance to get an outfit the first time they complete it. After that, there will be a rotation of optional bonus objectives for each replay.

LSA Operations can also be launched by calling Charlie directly from iFruit after the Operations Terminal has been installed.

Hangar Improvements

The new update brings a new day to smuggling operations with Hangar properties upgraded to offer a wide range of new features and abilities. For example, a fully equipped Hangar now allows players to store the Avenger and customize it.

The Hangar also now has an access point for Flight School, good news for those who want to sharpen their skills. Players can look forward to the four new Source Missions as well, added to the Free Trade Shipping Co. on the Hangar laptop. There are three new Sell Missions too!

You'll also find free snacks and weapon pickups around the property to help you prepare for any fight ahead, and those looking to sharpen their skills at Flight School will find a convenient access point added inside the Hangar.

Check out what else the San Andreas Mercenaries update has to offer. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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