GrubDash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator Now Out on Steam

Prepare to deliver.
Prepare to deliver. EF Universe Games

One of the lessons learned during the pandemic is how valuable online transactions are. A lot of people had to depend on food deliveries because they weren’t allowed to go out. If you’ve always wondered what it means to be the one delivering the food, now is that time. GrubDash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator is now on Steam with players taking on the role of food delivery drivers.

That’s right! Players are the food delivery riders and as they earn money, they can buy, furnish, and build their own house and possibly have a vehicle of their own. In addition to enjoying the 16-bit visual style, players also get to jam to a catchy soundtrack composed by Scarlet Moon's Peter Jones.

Features of the game include:

  • Players can upgrade their house from a tiny starter home to a sprawling McMansion. Don’t forget to fill it with expensive trinkets and doodads.
  • ​The neighborhood has been abandoned so be sure to buy up those vacant lots and replace the trash heaps and tire fires with forests, meadows, businesses, or housing for new neighbors.
  • There are stats to upgrade:
    • Strength to carry larger orders
    • Intelligence to find better-paying orders
    • Charisma to receive more cash tips
    • Dexterity to improve walking speed
    • Education level
  • For the right price, players can become an Associate, a Bachelor, a Master, and even a Boss’s Family Member.
  • Pick up foods from six unique restaurants and deliver them to a variety of individuals in different neighborhoods.
  • Max out customer rating and earnings by picking up food on time, delivering it on time, keeping it warm, and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Complete more than 60 life milestones.
  • Choose from eight unique vehicles and twenty-four total vehicles to collect and upgrade.
    • ​Deliver food using an economic beater, a mid-range hybrid, an expensive sports car, or something in between.

In a statement, EF Universe Games developer Elaine E. shared that during the lockdowns, she spent a lot of time delivering food through different food delivery services. She added that the entire experience wasn’t only compelling but also a bit addicting. Because of this, Elaine E. revealed that she decided to make a game about it.

Talking about the soundtrack, composer Peter Jones said that writing it “was an absolute joyride.” He went on to say that the whole thing was a great excuse to make his first lofi tune.

Do you have what it takes to be a food delivery rider? Get the game on Steam.

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