Gotham Knights Release Date Moved to October 21

Meet the villains.
Meet the villains. Twitter/@GothamKnights

Good news to those excited about Gotham Knights. The game was supposed to be released on October 25, but the launch date has been moved to October 21. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

In addition to the announcement of a new release date, a new trailer has been launched as well, which you can watch below:

The new trailer gives us a look into two super-villains threatening the city. It’s the shape-shifting colossus known as Clayface and the Mastermind criminal “influencer” Harley Quinn. They’ll be going against the Gotham Knights along with the sinister Court of Owls and the cold-blooded Mr. Freeze.

Meet the Knights

The same trailer also gives us a closer look at the four knights doing what they can to protect Gotham City. These are Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. Here’s a quick overview of these protectors:

  • Nightwing
    • Dick Grayson is not only a natural leader but also considered by many the most charismatic of the Batman Family.
    • He grew up in an unorthodox yet loving circus family and values close personal bonds.
    • He was Batman’s first protégé before becoming a hero in his own right.
  • Batgirl
    • There are not many people that can match Barbara Gordon when it comes to raw willpower and determination.
    • Despite experiencing a spinal injury that threatened to end her crime-fighting career, she adapted and used her skills as Oracle.
    • After years of pain, surgery, and rehabilitation, she managed to recover and has returned as Batgirl.
  • Robin
    • Tim Drake may be the youngest of the Batman Family, but he’s also seen as the smartest and a master of deductive reasoning.
    • He is a true believer in the mission and is motivated not by personal loss but by the conviction that Gotham City needs a hero.
  • Red Hood
    • Jason Todd was the second Robin who died a violent death and was later forcibly resurrected to become one of Batman’s most dangerous enemies.
    • While he may have trouble keeping his temper in check, he won’t hesitate to step into the line of fire when a friend is threatened.

What about you? Excited about the game?

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