Gloria Victis Update 282: New Map Interface and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis Update 282
Gloria Victis Update 282 Steam

Gloria Victis recently received a new update that added a new map interface and fixed bugs.

The new interface can be used in two modes: the fullscreen mode and the exploration mode. If you apply fullscreen mode on the map, it will improve clarity and help with your navigation. On the other hand, the exploration mode will be on the side, which allows players to explore with an open map.

Gloria Victis Update 282

Quality of life
  • From now on, after losing part of speed because of running uphill, horses will not regenerate it immediately but in time, to make speeding up progress natural and logical. At the same time, while running down from a high angle, the horse will also lose part of its speed.
  • The first Ismir questline has been improved and balanced, to meet other nation counterparts, improve players retention, and lead the player better.
  • Fixed the issue causing it to be possible to hit friendly horses with ballista without friendly fire turned on.
  • Fixed the issue causing horses to receive normal damage while getting kicked, instead of kick damage.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing players in the party without party leader rank to see loot type change options, despite not being able to use them.
  • Fixed a visual issue, causing Notifications to show up one on top of another.
  • Fixed an issue causing labels in Party Finder to not change depending on party status.
  • Fixed an issue causing all dagger-wielding AI NPC enemies to use green powerbar timers on all attacks, which made them much stronger than they should be.
  • Fixed the issue causing the arch model in Balhammon to be moved to the side, which impacted the location's visual integrity.
  • Fixed the issue causing players to be able to get stuck into red and green interactive chest colliders after interaction with them.
  • Fixed the issue causing State of War timer could change if the token was placed during the State of War
  • Fixed the issue causing death in the Valley of Death tournament could be counted twice if the player got killed by one enemy while being stunned by another.

You can read more about the update here.

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