Gloomhaven: Update v.27253 Fixes Desync Issues in Multiplayer

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Gloomhaven, the turn-based tactical RPG and a digital adaptation of one of the highest-rated board games of all time, has received a new update that fixes desync issues in multiplayer. Update v.27253 also implements some UI improvements, particularly to Ornate Chests.

Before anything else, Gloomhaven has a co-op mode where up to four players can band together to fight the darkness. That said, Update v.27253 resolves so many bugs, especially desync issues in multiplayer. For instance, the issue where a desync could occur if one player is creating a character and another is buying an item has been fixed. Besides that, the desync issue where some players could incorrectly join a multiplayer session while a round was in progress has been addressed.

This patch includes some improvements as well. Ornate Chests, or those chests that need to be opened to complete certain objectives, are no longer displayed in completed quest previews. This is to help players know which scenarios still contain treasure chests that have not been looted yet.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an error that could occur after failing the tutorials a few times
  • Fixed some issues with undoing attacks leaving items incorrectly activatable which could lead to further issues
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with restarting round while another player is ending card selection that could result in a desync later that round
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue with some players not catching up during target selecting that could result in a desync in some situations
  • Added more fixes around Undo and Clear Targets after items had been applied that could result in desync in Multiplayer
  • Fixed not being able to join a Multiplayer session when already in a Multiplayer session
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue if a Client cancels certain active abilities, other clients would not correctly see this
  • Fixed an issue with the enhancement, Infuse Any not correctly generating the element
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on empty hexes after selecting a target for an ability, could result in the Undo and Skip buttons incorrectly becoming unusable
  • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where granting an action to another player's summon could result in both players incorrectly being able to control the action
  • Fixed an issue with Cure Potion that could cause the game to get stuck or desyncs in Multiplayer
  • Fixed some issues around clicking empty hexes when selecting targets that could result in softlocks
  • Fixed an issue where locked scenarios were made available to play after certain events
  • Fixed an issue where a monster card could appear blank when hovering over the model
  • Fixed an issue where you could still "forgo an action" after performing a long rest

Gloomhaven Update v.27253 is available on PC via Steam and GOG.

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