Get Stuffed!: Murderversary Update Brings the Halloween Season

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Halloween has made its way into Get Stuffed!. It is a limited-time event that will conclude on November 8, with plenty of daily drops that you can get by playing the game for at least 30 minutes a day. Among the multiple drops for this event is a scary tombstone called the Lichstone.

In this update, the developers have also added two new killers. The Snickle Snackle is a killer that can only be seen when they move, which means they stalk their target for the perfect chance. So, keep your eyes open at all times because you don’t know when they will strike. The second killer, Champion, is a galactic wrestling champion who has gone through various experiments. He is known as the master of knockout and chair throw.

Get Stuffed!: Murderversary Update

  • Subjects have access to FOV setting.
  • Reworked how locations are chosen for all systems (such as chaos warp) no more spawning in rocks, baby!
  • Instakill fall damage no longer kills you, instead it deals 60% of your current health and teleports you back to your last land location.
  • Soundwave Effect has been redesigned to be more readable.
  • Soundwaves can play at any distance, but only do so if line of sight is blocked.
  • Door code changed to open in the correct direction.
  • Blood Sample Kits now drop a blood sample on the ground when used on a player. These samples can be brought back to Z-Cannisters, Medical Stations or Research Computers.
  • Rocket Launcher - Has pushback.
  • Crucifix now works with ghosting or dreaming players.
  • Turkey and Swarmling collision and step height adjusted, no more climbing trees!
  • Shop now cycles perks every 2 minutes.
  • Computers in sandbox are now alphabetical.
  • Spirit placement and item placement code have been refactored and are much more reliable now.
  • Entering or Exiting water now has an effect.
  • New slip animation for subjects.
  • Spirit gain increased by 25%.
  • Facehumpers detection code rewritten.
  • Dream Doors now set their location based on where you are placed in the Dream Realm.
  • Hud has been cleaned up dramatically.
Axe Murderer
  • Now keeps axe stacks between lives.
  • Now heals for 1/3rd of nearby bleeding stacks every second.
  • Bear Trap now stops your velocity if it snaps on you.
  • Now gains scrap for kills.

You can read more about the update here.

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