Genshin Impact Update 1.6 May Launch on June 9

Genshin Impact gets a gameplay trailer for ChinaJoy 2019.
Genshin Impact gets a gameplay trailer for ChinaJoy 2019. miHoYo

Are you excited about a new Genshin Impact update? If so, you may only need to wait another month to get it.

Although miHoYo didn’t announce the official release date just yet, the game developer seems to follow a strict six-week schedule.

If you remember, Update 1.5 was released on April 28, and using the six-week formula, Update 1.6 should be available on June 9, provided the developer follows the schedule.

What to Expect?

No official changelog is available yet at the time of this writing. However, some people have been able to data-mine the Version 1.6 beta and gained new information.

It appears that some leaks have been circulating online about new skins for Barbara and Jean.

The Inazuma region may be introduced in the upcoming update as well, and with it, the ability to travel by boat. If true, a native of the region, Kazuha, may join the roster and bring his Anemo sword style.

According to the character’s leaked info, Kazuha can perform a normal attack with five rapid strikes, the Ranran Haishi plunging attack, and a charged attack that uses stamina to unleash two rapid strikes.

His abilities are Anemo-based, so you are likely to use characters using other elements to synergize with Kazuha.

Some players may have felt that Electro users are very underpowered compared to Pyro users. Well, that may change in the upcoming update as per leakster @AeEntropy, who said that Version 1.6 may include a buff to elemental mastery.

As with any major version release, the game developer may likely have at least four events lined up for players to participate. The data mined revealed the event names as follows:

  • Sudden Endless Battle
  • Mystical Skiff Challenge
  • Windborne Martial Legend
  • Kaboomball Kombat

Keep in mind that everything mentioned here is just rumors at this point. But many of these sources are known to accurately predict what's coming. So, will they be precise about Update 1.6?

Are you excited about the next major update?

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