The Game Awards 2020 to Feature Up to 15 Unannounced Games

Game Awards 2020
Game Awards 2020 Eastern Mirror

A few days ago, we learned that The Game Awards 2020 will feature five world-premiere game trailers. And if that wasn't enough, we now know that fans can expect to see up to 15 unannounced video games in the event.

With the event approaching close, host and producer Geoff Keighley has been sharing interesting tidbits of what fans can look forward to. Before, The Game Awards was only known for being an event that crowned the best game of the year. This year, however, the event will be longer than usual. Many game reveals and demos will happen.

Why is the event going to be three-hour-long?

We do not have any official information on why the event will be longer than usual. But it seems that games that were supposed to be announced in now-canceled events may appear on this platform. The ongoing pandemic has affected all kinds of industries across the globe, including the video game industry. Earlier this year, the Taipei Game Show got canceled, which was soon followed by E3 2020. So, that's a lot of unannounced games, and many of them may appear on The Game Awards.

Fans can expect up to 15 new video game announcements

When taking part in a Reddit AMA yesterday, Keighley revealed around 12-15 unannounced video game reveals throughout the event. Though, Keighley did not share specifics like the titles. Still, he hinted that it'll be a mix of AAA and smaller games, including the five world-premieres.

Ghost of Tsushima has won the Player's Choice award

In addition to the official GOTY award, The Game Awards also ran a poll asking fans to vote for the Player's Choice award. The winner is Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima. To know which games will take home other accolades, fans need to watch the entire event. You can check out the nominees here.

The Game Awards 2020 will be live-streamed on December 10.

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