G-Skill Launches Low Latency DDR4-4000 Trident Z Royal Elite Series Memory

GSkill Trizent Z Royal Elite
GSkill Trizent Z Royal Elite GSkill

With superfast processors and powerful graphics cards on the market, the need for faster RAMs is expected. To meet this demand, GSkill has released its Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 memory boasting incredible speeds and low latency.

In brief, the RAM sticks offered by GSkill are capable of up to 4000 MHz at CL14 speeds. Actually, the company is selling two RAM kits - the first DDR4 kit features 3600 MHz at CL14 and the second kit obviously being those sporting 4000 MHz at CL14.

Royal Elite Memory Specs
Royal Elite Memory Specs GSkill

GSkill had previously launched DDR4 4000 MHz RAMs specially designed for Ryzen 5 CPUs.

These RAM sticks are said to be built with the Samsung 8 GB B-die ICs that are capable of achieving low latencies. For geeks out there, the DDR4-3600 RAM kit features incredibly low latency timings up to 14-14-14-34, while the DDR4-4000 has 14-15-15-35. So, if you are planning to put together a powerful rig or workstation, these Royal Elite RAM kits are a great choice.

Many believed that it is quite difficult to achieve low-latency at high-speed dual-ranked memories, but GSkill has dismantled this myth. The Royal Elite kit is said to feature 16 GB modules at DDR4-4000, which are perfect to achieve the 32 GB target.

Additionally, GSkill has also raised the bar with its DDR4-3600 kit that is capable of insane memory capacities ranging from 16 GB (8x2) and up to 128 GB (16x8), making this memory specification one of the fastest configurations.

GSkill Trizent Z Royal Elite 2
GSkill Trizent Z Royal Elite 2 GSkill

While the design isn't something that most users look for when buying RAMs, GSkill has gone beyond putting the extra mile into the Royal Elite RAM's design. Calling the design a luxury class, GSkill has implemented the multi-faceted crystalline design across the reflective aluminum heat spreader. This heat spreader is chiseled with 76 aesthetically pleasing facets for a gorgeous appearance. Based on images, the RAM kits will be available in gold- and silver-colored heat spreaders.

The GSkill Trident Z Royal Elite RAM kits will be available worldwide via distribution partners starting this month.

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