'Friday The 13th' Movie News: Next Movie Rebooting Jason Voorhees' Origin Story

Many have stood up to Jason Voorhees, but few survived. Paramount Pictures

The next Friday the 13th movie seems to be moving forward after a number of false starts and now producer Brad Fuller has revealed a bit more about the plot parameters of Jason Voorhees’ latest story.

While previous scripts have overturned the Friday the 13th formula — one draft was found footage and another set partly in winter — Aaron Guzikowski’s (Prisoners) latest draft seems to fit the standard reboot/remake mode, substantially retelling the original story.

According to Fuller, this also means a reboot of Jason Voorhees’ origin story. “You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees so we go back and we kind of started over and work our way forward,” Fuller said in an interview with The Reel World. “It’s origin-ish, but it’s an origin that no one has seen before. Obviously, Pamela’s there, but it’s a little different what you’ve seen before.”

In the original Friday the 13th Jason was a deformed child left to drown by negligent camp counselors. After the death of his mother he returned to kill anyone who intruded on Camp Crystal Lake, but especially camp counselors.

The Friday the 13th series has never been shy about retrofitting its continuity for the latest film. Even Pamela Voorhees’ murder spree was retold in the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot (with Nana Visitor crushing it in a short appearance as Pamela).

Fuller’s description would suggest that while Jason Voorhees’ origin story will be retold, it won’t differ substantially from the original explanation.

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