Foto Flash Is A Colorful, Slightly Naughty (And Nostalgic) Adventure

Foto Flash is full of brightly-hued characters.
Foto Flash is full of brightly-hued characters. STUDIO GAMAII

Foto Flash will have players comb Sala City for potential models for their pin-up magazine, meet and befriend the various women who live there and convince them to let them take their picture.

Games that combine fun things like bright colors, cute imagery, and out-of-the-box mechanics are always up my alley, and it looks like the indie title Foto Flash ticks all those boxes. Studio Gamaii's latest game is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to make if I had the spare time to put into creating them.

In Foto Flash, you take the form of a photographer. Noodle Teaze Magazine is a pin-up magazine that has zero pin-ups in it. It's your job as a photographer to head out into the world and get images ($100 a pop!) for the magazine so you can help the editor cobble together a viable issue.

This means you'll need to walk around the lively city and figure out who, exactly, are out there to take photos of. Essentially, you walk around a pixelated city in search of potential photo subjects. You'll know you've found a potential pin-up girl when her image appears on-screen in vibrant color along with her dialogue box. Before you can get the girls to pose for you, however, they'll usually want you to collect a set of items.

For instance, you might need to pick up 20 of a sporty character's baseballs she's hit all over the place in a bid to go pro. Or you might need a key to get in a certain building, and to get that key you may need to speak to a certain person. That certain person may only be accessible if you have a specific brand of coffee. It goes on like this, but there's a unique joy in navigating this pixelated city in search of the best models for the pin-up magazine because you feel like you've accomplished quite a bit by the time you succeed in getting them to pose.

The game isn't that long, as you can complete it in a pretty short amount of time. Throughout that time, you'll meet a random assortment of characters, including an alien (with an interesting twist) and ten other women with their own unique personalities. There's a lot to do, and a lot of items to find if you're up to it.

If this sounds like it's up your alley, you can pick up Foto Flash on Steam right now for $2.99.

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