‘The Flash’ Season 3 Finale’s Top 10 WTF Moments [VIDEO]

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'The Flash' Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. CW

A lot happened in The Flash Season 3 finale. Even though The Flash defeated Savitar and saved Iris, Barry willingly went into the speed force to atone for Flashpoint and prevent a speed force storm from destroying Central City. It was a big episode, and of course in true Flash fashion, there were tons of WTF moments. So let’s get right to it.

10. Why does Barry need to call himself Savitar? Did he just read a bunch of books about Hindu gods and think, “aha, this is my new name”? The only reason for Savitar’s name was to disguise the fact that it was actually Future Barry all along. What a waste.

9. Barry, why are you smiling like you’re at Chuck E. Cheese’s as you’re whisked away by the speed force? You're leaving your father, the love of your life, and your team behind and you’re grinning?

8. “Where am I going to live?” Future Flash genuinely asks the team when Barry convinces him that they should work together. Don’t get it fucked up emo, thin crust pizza-face Barry, you’re not…

7. The Philosopher's stone just bursts open STAR Labs for no apparent reason at all. Not sure why Savitar thought this would kill the team when there’s two speedsters inside.

6. Barry phases into Savitar’s suit and kicks him out, but why didn’t Barry try this, I don't know, one of the 10 times he faced Savitar before the finale?

5. Jay Garrick just runs out of the speed force like, NBD, I’m here. Apparently, Cisco changed the speed force splicer into a speed force skeleton key? Don’t ask me what that means, but they could have showed the Golden Age speedster on screen for more than three seconds.

4. HR dies to save Iris using his face swapping thingy!! Who's the real hero, Barry? But we can’t really say this one was too much of a surprise, since Tom Cavanagh has played like 10 characters. We’ve still got Harry, who will hopeful stick around on Earth-1 with Jesse Quick.

3. Barry defeats Savitar but decides to let him live. But as Barry turns to walk away, Future Flash gets up and starts charging Barry from behind. That’s when Iris shoots Future Barry… because apparently he’s not fast enough to see it coming? We’ve seen Barry dodge a bullet and even catch a missile.

2. Turns out Savitar has been keeping Killer Frost around to protect him from the speed force time wraiths. Who knew Black Flash’s only weakness was… cold? Black Flash gets frozen by Killer Frost then shatters into pieces? Yeah right.

1. How can Kid Flash still have powers and become the next Flash if Savitar is erased from existence? Best not to think about that one.

Those are the top WTF moments of The Flash Season 3 finale! Make sure to follow iDigitalTimes for more DCTV coverage!

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