First Look At 'League Of Legends' PROJECT Ashe, Katarina And Ekko

ashe hood
PROJECT Ashe with her amazing hood! KateyKhaos

It’s finally time for new PROJECT skins. After teasing three new robot-themed League of Legends skins, KateyKhaos on Twitter just gave us our first real look. PROJECT Ashe is a Legendary skin that will cost 1820 RP. The skin will have a brand new voice-over to go alongside the PROJECT skins VO processing.

project ashe
PROJECT: Ashe's particle effects Photo: KateyKhaos

Her hood toggles on and off when she’s around 2400 units from friendly turrets or your own base. You can’t control it like Nighthunter Rengar. Her new particles look amazing, combining the blue of Hextech Annie with the tech-inspired particles of the PROJECT line. When that Enchanted Crystal Arrow hits your team from across the map, it’s going to look amazing.

PROJECT Ekko and Katarina will each cost 1350 RP. Ekko has a bright green color and outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in Akira. All of his particles have this same green tint, with his area-wide stun having the PROJECT logo. When he recalls, there's even a Matrix-style after effect. Out of the three, Ekko is the one I’m most excited about.

project ekko
PROJECT: Ekko's particle effects Photo: KateyKhaos

That isn’t to say that PROJECT Katarina is bad. Though she doesn't turn into a Beyblade when she uses her ultimate, just a glowing pink accent. It’s the exact same color as PROJECT: Fiora, so I’m hoping that if the two are on the same team, things won’t get complicated.

project katarina
PROJECT: Katarina's particle effects Photo: KateyKhaos

Look for these skins on the PBE later today.

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