Final Fantasy 3 Adds New Features In Latest Patch

Changes coming.
Changes coming. Square Enix

Final Fantasy 3 released a new patch that improves the game by adding in new features. The update is not only available for the PC, but also on mobile for Android and iOS.

The update adds the Gallery Mode where players can look at illustrations from the game or listen to different songs from the soundtrack. Added as well is the Auto-Battle Function. Under auto-battle mode, players can fight at twice the speed with characters repeating the last action that they performed.

For the PC version, there is now a new interface. Gamepad compatibility has been optimized. Small adjustments have also been made to the mouse, keyboard, and even touch panel. Limited to the PC as well is that full-screen display now supports 21:9. As an added bonus, Final Fantasy 3 is available on Steam at a 50% discount,

Back to the changes. New Language Settings have been made available. These include Thai, Japanese, and Korean. The PC version adds both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Final Fantasy 3 was first released in 1990 for the Famicom, but limited to Japan. By 2006 a remake version was launched for the Nintendo DS. This version sold almost two million copies. Since then, Final Fantasy 3 has been released to different platforms.

While it was the third game in the Final Fantasy series, it was the first to reach more than one million units sold. It wasn't only a game that was part of the franchise, but also served as an influence to many future games. In addition, Final Fantasy 3 was also the first FF game to offer the job-change system. With this, characters could switch classes at any time. This feature was added by creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in order to give players more freedom when it comes to party members. The DS remake received mainly positive reviews with many critics citing the addition of the job system as a good improvement over the previous versions.

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