FIFA 23 Title Update 2 Increases Ball Velocity and Chip Shots’ Accuracy

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FIFA 23 got a little better, thanks to a major update released yesterday. The developer released Title Update 2 that brought several changes to Ultimate Team and Gameplay. You can also expect dozens of customary bug fixes related to career mode, audio, visuals, and more. The update is only live on next-gen consoles, Google Stadia, and PC. Nintendo Switch and current-gen consoles didn’t get the patch yet.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

FIFA 23 Title Update 2

FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Added a Chemistry indicator appearing on Player Items when previewing a swap between out of position Player Items.
  • Removed pack opening animations when redeeming Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions rewards.
  • Removed several screens that would appear before playing individual FUT Moments.
  • A Player Item’s Secondary Positions are now visible in the top left part of the screen when using the Actions radial menu.
  • Updated the Top 200 crest displayed in Squad Battles.
  • Chipped penalty shots can only be performed towards the middle third section of the goal.
  • Adjusted chipped penalty shot ball trajectories to be less lofted overall.
  • Improved the likelihood of Standing Tackles winning the ball back.
  • Increased the ball velocity for all Ground Passes.
  • Increased accuracy of Chip Shots.
  • Penalty kicks taken when the Composure Ring is red are very likely to miss the goal entirely.
  • The CPU AI is more likely to play a direct tactical style on Pro, World Class, and Legendary difficulties.
  • The Assisted Headers setting no longer impacts headed passes, it only impacts headers requested with the Shot input.
    • The Pass Assistance setting continues to determine the level of assistance present on headed passes.
    • The Semi Assisted Pass Assistance setting continues to set headed passes to be assisted, as there is no option for Semi Assisted headed passes.

As mentioned above, Title Update 2 also fixed a plethora of bugs and issues, which you can read in great detail via the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other issues that you want the developer to address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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