Fenix Rage Coming To Consoles As Fenix Furia

Fenix Furia (the indie formerly known as Fenix Rage) is heading to consoles in 2016. Green Lava Studios

Fenix Rage is dead, long live Fenix Furia! The recently re-named indie smash may be coming to consoles with a new moniker, but it brings with it the same rage-inducing, controller-smashing, blood-pressure-boiling level of addictive platforming fun that has captivated PC gamers since Fenix Rage launched on Steam in 2014. Here’s a new trailer from Green Lava Studios to commemorate the announcement:

Fenix Furia isn’t a game about some immersive story or grand narrative. It’s centered around some very intense, reflex-oriented gameplay that really gets its hooks into gamers with a masochistic streak.

The good news is the Fenix Furia console launch isn’t just a port of what’s on PC. Green Lava has retuned dozens of levels based on player feedback, and even added an “easy” mode to make the game more accessible to new players. Make no mistake, easy mode is anything but. Mercy mode would’ve been a more appropriate title since it allows players to get hit one time during a level instead of the instant death in the more difficult versions.

The biggest (and best) addition to Fenix Furia is the two-player split screen mode. I got a chance to try it out during PlayStation Experience 2015 and it was a blast. Misery loves company, after all, and there’s no better schadenfreude in gaming than watching a friend get red in the face trying to get past a tricky level while you casually wait and taunt him with your proximity to the goal. And in a world where couch co-op is becoming an endangered feature its nice to see a title that provides fast and easy fun for both the hardcore and casual gamers alike. Fenix Furia isn’t difficult to play, it’s just difficult to master, so anyone can pick up the sticks and give it a shot. You should too.

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