Fading City Now on Closed Beta for Android and iOS

Another zombie game in the works.
Another zombie game in the works. Twitter/@GameFadingCity

The open-world survival Fading City has started its closed beta test, now available on Android and iOS. The closed testing environment will end on January 22.

The game is set in Weidu City where a sudden mist has shrouded the area. Under all the fog, people tried to survive but couldn’t avoid the blue particles. There’s also something horrible and undead just waiting under the same fog.

By now it should be clear that Fading City is about zombies. Players go against dozens of zombies at the same time or try to defeat a high-risk zombie that can be as large as a building. Considering the harsh environment, players need to plan carefully how to use their materials and energy. To make the game challenging, different dungeons offer difficulty options as well as various gameplay elements. There are a lot of ruins to explore in a city measuring one million square meters. There are hidden puzzles to solve and unknown treasures to discover.

Like other survival games, this one has players come up with good strategies. Players can customize guns, along with other weapons, to get various combat effects. That means it’s not all just about shooting enemies. There are other methods players can try like stealth assassinations or making traps. Players can also team up to beat zombies.

Fading City allows for two to four players in multiplayer mode. Players can form a team and work together to look for more resources, equipment to build a better shelter, and weapons.

For those who have iOS, you can join the closed beta test here.

What do you think about this upcoming mobile game? Do we really need another zombie game?

Fading City is being developed by NetEase Games. This studio is responsible for some of the most popular mobile games in China like Fantasy Westward Journey and Cyber Hunter. It has partnered with Activision Blizzard to release Chinese versions of World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Overwatch. NetEase, in partnership with Blizzard, is developing Diablo Immortal, scheduled to be released on mobile platforms sometime this year.

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