Evil Genius 2 Update V1.6.0: New DLC Packs, Bug Fixes, and More

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Evil Genius 2 recently got an update that included two new DLCs and tons of bug fixes.

The developers are giving away a free DLC called the Team Fortress 2: Pyro Pack . If you want to look the part of an Evil Genius, dress up as the Pyro and dominate the world. The other is the Rise of the Valkyrie Pack, available to season pass owners or can be purchased separately.

Evil Genius 2 Update V1.6.0


  • Super Serum VFX has been modified to remove an undesirable flickering effect.
  • The "Share Game Information" options setting is correctly preserved.
  • The Build menu can be consistently accessed after selecting a Decor or Lair Item during the Tutorial.
  • Added an option to Accessibility settings to reduce the risk of burn-in when playing Evil Genius 2 for extended periods on certain OLED displays.
  • Tooltips added for FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 in Graphics Options.
  • "Select All" option added to the DLC select screen.
  • Added an option to remove individual key bindings through the "Keyboard & Mouse Controls" menu.
  • Agents that arrive during specific narrative Objectives will correctly leave the Lair when their Resolve is reduced to zero.
  • Agents being Escorted past a Paywall Trap will no longer cause the Trap to briefly activate.
  • Animations on the Objective Tracker have been reduced for small increments of Objective progress.
  • The completion audio for Objectives and Research Projects will no longer repeat under unusual circumstances.
  • Updated IRIS alert when Rogues are stealing Loot items.
  • Pinball Bumper musical notes are correctly previewed while the game is paused, and the sound effects for these notes have been improved.
  • The same Pinball Bumper musical note can be previewed multiple times.
  • Updated sound effects for Stun Guns and Stun Rifles.
  • The "Pyromaniac" trait correctly gives minions a small chance to set opponents on fire during combat.
  • The level of Agents accompanying a Super Agent is displayed correctly when they are imprisoned in a Holding Cell.
  • Cursor added to indicate an area cannot be marked for Security Zones.
  • Narrative characters will correctly display a Distract overhead icon when Tagged for Distract after escaping a Holding Cell.
  • The camera can no longer pass through the second level of a Doomsday Device on the "Montañas Gemelas" Island Lair.
  • In new games, characters will no longer clip through folding chairs on the beach level of an Island Lair.
  • The number of minions that will be auto-hired or bought is now displayed when viewing Workers in the Minion Training screen.
  • Locked Training Items are no longer displayed when changing tab in the Minion Training screen.
  • The HUD correctly displays when Research has been manually paused.
  • Information panels for Rooms display correctly when navigating back to the Room tab.

You can read more about the update here.

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