Epic Games Store to Give Away 15 Games This Holiday Season

15 Days of Free Games
15 Days of Free Games Siliconera

As the holidays are almost upon us, fans expect their favorite digital gaming storefronts to flood with deals and discounts. While most digital storefronts are yet to reveal their holiday deals, Epic Games Store already announced their plan. The platform will give away 15 games this month.

15 Days of Free Games

Just like last year, Epic Games Store decided to give away one free game every day. It will start on December 17. In 2019, the digital storefront gave away 12 games . Some of them were Celeste, The Talos Principle, and Superhot.

This year, Epic Games Store confirmed that the Epic Holiday Sale will offer discounts up to 75% on hundreds of games. If you log into your Epic Games Store account right now, you can see a mystery game sitting in the free game giveaway section. It will be the first game to be revealed on December 17. Then, it will be followed by 14 other games until December 31.

What is Epic Games Store Planning for 2021?

Epic Games Store continued to give away a game each week throughout 2020. But it wasn't clear whether the digital storefront will do the same next year. Nobody can deny that Epic Games has been quite generous when it comes to offering free games. The digital storefront already gave away lots of popular titles. Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Ark: Survival Evolved, Blair Witch, and Watch Dogs 2 to name some.

If you religiously claim the games given away by Epic Games in 2020, your library likely houses some of the amazing titles out there.

Now, players should ready themselves for the mystery games. It seems like Epic Games have no plan to give clues. Players should check out other deals on the platform too.

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