Encased: Hotfix 1 Adds Various Improvements and Critical Game Fixes

Encased Steam

Dark Crystal Games, developer of the tactical RPG Encased, has released the first hotfix since it was fully launched last week. The update adds various improvements, as well as minor and critical game fixes, which should help improve the overall stability of the newly released title.


Among the gameplay improvements, it would seem that you do not have to worry about your settlement getting attacked often as the frequency of this happening has been reduced significantly.

For the UI, clicking the “Store All” button is not only accompanied by a new sound event but it also no longer closes the container window when doing so.

In addition, pressing the “Esc” key will now correctly close all game windows, which means that if you want to get back to the action, you no longer have to manually close each by pressing the “X” on the upper right corner of the menu.

Bug Fixes

It has been reported to the devs that some people may experience frequent game freezes. The recently released update should fix several types of game freezes. So, the chance of your game getting stuck up abruptly is likely diminished.

While it only happens in the Nashville Cave, you may have come across an issue where you will experience infinite loading times when exiting to the main menu. Fortunately, this pesky bug will no longer be a problem.

Patch Highlights

  • Fatigue recovery increased threefold with all bed types
  • The frequency of attacks on settlements has been significantly reduced
  • Corrected the description of the "Dawn" relic
  • Description of the Atox stimulator has been changed
  • Added progression for buttstrokes
  • Fixed being able to equip the Servoshell while in a Servoshell
  • Fixed the position of the Maelstrom beacon in the First Settlers Camp
  • Fixed Influence check-in dialogue with Pepper
  • Fixed completing the "Against All Protocols" quest in case of Monty James’ death
  • Reworked mechanics of "The Return of Ursula" quest
  • Using the car in the prologue now does not add Fatigue to the character and cannot cause death from it
  • The interaction with the Hog loaders has been temporarily changed
  • Clicking the "Store All" button now does not close the container window
  • Clicking the "Store All" button is accompanied by a sound event
  • Esc button correctly closes game windows
  • Fixed several types of freezes
  • Fixed freezing when pickpocketing from a character at Concord station
  • Fixed problems with the game launching on systems with some types of oriental calendars

If you want to learn more, you can read the complete patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

Encased is available on PC.

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