Element Quest: Update 0.45 Introduces Lots of New Content

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Element Quest, a 2D side-scroller MMORPG, has a new update that introduces fresh content. Update 0.45 provides an exciting conclusion with the introduction of the final boss.

An extra challenge in the form of a new sea boss, which you can face by completing a quest, is also added. Those who will fight the new bosses can acquire some new items.

The latest update brings in some new features too. For instance, you can hold an ability down now so you can keep on casting it instead of having to press the specific button again.

If you want to invite other people to join, you can now do it even if you are not the party leader. Moreover, items gained can be seen in the chat log.

Those having trouble defeating the Willow King, the tree boss found on the Swamp, need not worry anymore as it has received some significant changes. It now has less HP and shorter stun duration. Furthermore, it will no longer cast shields more often due to the higher cooldown.


  • Expedition is now complete! With the final boss & layer implemented
  • New Sea Boss - Quest
  • You may now see other party members on the world map
  • From now on you may "Hold" an ability button to keep on casting it instead of re-pressing the button
  • New Chain Quest: "Missed Opportunity"
  • New Items available from the final expedition boss, chain quests, and new sea boss
  • You may now see pre-started quests in the quests window
  • Willow King: tree boss battle now has unique background music
  • Flavor NPC added to sunset port which may appear sometimes...
  • Can now see items gained (from non-pickup scenarios) in the chat log
  • From now on you can invite other players to the party even when you're not the party leader
  • Willow King (Tree boss at the swamp) has been significantly changed. It will now have more cooldown on its shield, less HP, and a shorter stun duration
  • Add warning message to the first expedition chamber
  • Hopefully fixed the lag in the stone-face boss chamber
  • Critical bug in which English was translated to a less clear English in dialogs and other text fields.
  • Knockback will no longer append current velocity but overwrite it
  • Mob spawns have increased when far from town
  • Quest Window UI has been fixed!
  • Discord Link Fixed

Element Quest Update 0.45 is available on PC.

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