The Elder Scrolls Online: Major Changes to Damage and Healing Over Time Abilities Applied in Update 8.1.2 on PTS

Update 8.1.2 (PTS)
Update 8.1.2 (PTS) Twitter/@TESOnline

The Elder Scrolls Online has a new patch on the public test server. Update 8.1.2 implements major changes to damage and healing over time abilities, mainly to increase their tick rates and reduce their durations.

DoT effects that stick to a target will still have a 20-second duration and two-second tick rate frequency at 0.105 co-efficient DPS. However, DoT abilities bound to a static area have their durations adjusted depending on their sourced skill line.

For example, the Grave Lord’s Boneyard ability has its duration changed back to 10 seconds and tick rate frequency to one second. Additionally, the bonus damage when consuming a corpse is nerfed to 30%. If there’s any consolation, the Magicka cost is reduced to 2,970, from 3,780.

Another fundamental change in The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest update is that healing over time abilities sourced from a static area now ticks more frequently than before. The Restoration Staff’s Grand Healing, for instance, now ticks once every second instead of every two. Take note that the healing per tick was adjusted to preserve its current power. So, in essence, only the tick rate is changed here.

According to developer Zenimax Studios, these changes aim to improve reactive gameplay of ticking area-of-effect abilities and allow for more choice of speed and complexity of your rotation.

Here are the other combat changes in Update 8.1.2:

Buffs and Debuffs
  • Fixed an issue where several status effects’ Minor debuffs were not properly flagged as procs.
  • Hemorrhaging: Fixed an issue where Minor Mangle was not being removed if the Bleed was removed early.
  • Earthen Heart
    • Ash Cloud: Returned the duration and tick rate of this ability and its morphs back to 15 seconds and 1 second, rather than 20 seconds and 2 seconds.
  • Living Death
    • Spirit Guardian: Fixed an issue where we missed a 0 on this pet's total health. It is now 30,000 Health rather than 3,000, meaning its owner can take up to 300,000 damage over its duration before it will perish early, significantly increasing its ability to exist as a tool for your bidding for more than a few seconds.
  • Shadow
    • Path of Darkness: Returned the duration and tick rate of this ability and its morphs to 10 seconds and 1 second, rather than 20 seconds and 2 seconds.
    • Twisting Path (morph): Reduced the cost to 2,700, down from 3,510.
    • Dark Cloak (morph): This morph now heals for 11 to 14% of your missing health, down from 17 to 20%

The rest of the changes can be found here.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 8.1.2 is currently available on PC.

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