The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths DLC Available, Update 35 Fixes Bugs

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The developers of The Elder Scrolls Online added a new DLC called Lost Depths. This is accompanied by Update 35 for the base version, which brought some improvements and bug fixes.

Lost Depths DLC

The Lost Depths offers two new four-player dungeons called Graven Deep and Earthen Root Enclave. This DLC is a part of the preparation for the upcoming DLC Firesong.

Graven Deep

Excited for a new adventure? Go ahead and explore the new uncharted island and help Dhulef of the Mages Guild search for the underwater Dwarven facility. While you’re at it, discover the new lore revolving around the legendary Druid King. Watch out for monsters lurking below or you might regret it.

Earthen Root Enclave

In this dungeon, your objective is to help Druid Laurel defend the enclave from the marauders. You will encounter a new monster that threatens to ruin Tamriel.

Upon completion of both dungeons in Normal, Veteran, and Hard mode difficulties, you will unlock unique challenges and rewards tailored for this DLC.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 35

Quest and Zones
  • The Map Completion Guide now properly shows Achievement Progress through the main quest.
  • Fixed a number of VO/text mismatches throughout the zone.
  • Fixed a number of typos throughout the zone.
  • Gonfalon Bay now appears correctly on the map and compass.
  • Fixed an issue where Razor Fangs found in Ghost Haven Bay could be fought in weird spots.
  • The Gonfalon Bay Outlaws Refuge map now displays correctly in certain corners of the crypt.
  • A Special Reagent: This world boss daily now properly increments the High Isle Monster Hunter achievement as well as granting Isobel rapport.
  • An Experiment with Peace: Added the correct quest pin during the quest step “Talk to Seraphyne.”
  • Escape from Amenos:
    • The quest step to Reach the Northern Shore will no longer advance if you exit the Whalefall delve.
    • King Emeric will no longer walk through (and get stuck in) walls if he is following you.
  • Island Games: You will now receive quest items correctly, regardless of whether you’re in a group or not.
  • Of Knights And Knaves: Accepting the quest from the Crown Store will now direct you where to go to start the quest.
  • People of Import: You now see the proper quest items appear in your inventory, correcting a number of issues on various quest steps.
  • Race for Honor: The quest reward, “Cynric’s Heavy Shield,” can now be sold to vendors for gold.

You can read more about the update here.

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