The Elder Scrolls Online: Heroes of the Isle Event Now Available in Update 8.1.2 on PTS

Update 8.1.2
Update 8.1.2 Twitter/@TESOnline

The Heroes of the Isle Event for The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for testing on the public test server.

Players who complete the daily quests offered in the High Isle are awarded the Society of the Steadfast reward coffers. These contain things such as zone set items, furnishings, style items, and valuable materials. They also offer some companion gear, provided that Ember and Isobel are present when they’re opened. Players will have a chance of getting the tradeable style page of the new Oaken Order armor style from any Society of the Steadfast reward coffer as well.

Furthermore, the first High Isle daily quest completed during the day gives players two event tickets and a gold-quality reward coffer with a better chance of obtaining higher-quality items.

Aside from that, Update 8.1.2 brought plenty of changes and bug fixes to the dungeons in the Lost Depths. For instance, players will no longer remain in combat after defeating Archdruid Devyric in the Earthen Root Enclave.

Patch Notes

  • High Isle daily quests have their normal reward boxes doubled and harvest nodes in High Isle have an improved yield.
  • High Isle world and delve bosses, along with any boss in the Dreadsail Reef trial, drop additional loot.
  • The Impresario has bound versions of the Oaken Order armor style pages for 5 tickets each, in addition to all three fragments of the Daggerfall Paladin morphing collectible outfit for 10 tickets each.
  • The Druidic Provisioning Station is now available to purchase from Jeran Antieve at Furnishings of Finesse in Gonfalon Bay, for adventurers who have found and assembled that Antiquity.
Earthen Root Enclave
  • General
    • Only player characters affected by individual orbs will see the associated effects.
    • Petrify will now only be applied to the initial target and the stun will ignore block and CC Immunity.
  • Corruption of Root
    • Reduced damage of Corruption of Root and Root Node on normal difficulty.
    • Reduced the health of Root Node and Fauns on normal difficulty.
    • The Trellis Sentinel barriers once again have collision during the encounter.
    • The Rootwalk phase of the encounter will no longer have a chance to end prematurely.
Graven Deep
  • General
    • Your character will now always be teleported to the correct location when failing to navigate the traps.
    • Dhulef is easier to talk to throughout the dungeon.
    • Dhulef will no longer hold an imaginary map instead of a real one.
    • Dhulef will no longer disappear once one player character enters the Observatory.
    • Bristlepitch no longer has a chance to prevent player characters in Werewolf form from attacking until transforming again.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 8.1.2 is available on PC.

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