Elder Scrolls: Blades Update 1.6 Now Includes Loadouts

New update is here.
New update is here. Bethesda

Elder Scrolls: Blades released Update 1.6, which introduces loadouts. This being the week that celebrates love, there are new jewelry and decorations for players, along with improvements to quests as well.


That's right, loadouts are finally here. With the update, players can now create and save as many as five customized sets of skills, spells, and equipment. These should make it easier to meet whatever challenges lie ahead on quests or even in the Arena. It's not just that, as players can also change loadouts any time between rounds in PvP. They can do the same during PvE quests.

Loadouts are unlocked automatically at Town Level 4.

Heart's Day

Heart's Day is about love and togetherness. Beginning this week, players receive special limited-time cosmetics along with a few free gifts.

Log in between February 14 and February 16 to receive The Amulet of Mara necklace. Meanwhile, from February 12 to February 17 the Heart emote is available for free at the store. Use this to show opponents you defeat that there are no hard feelings.

There are also new decorations that players can use for their town which are:

  • Frozen Heart
    • February 12-16
  • Burning Love
    • February 14-18

Quest Improvements

Update 1.6 now takes enemy abilities, like maneuvers and spells, into account. This resulted in the Skull Rating estimates for Quests and Jobs being improved. Meanwhile, Dungeon Chests can now be stored rather than being automatically opened.

One change that players are sure to love is that there is now an option to skip the boss introduction cut scenes. Talking about bosses, their names are now more distinctive. In addition, item notifications have been color-coded in order to match their rarity.

Improvements & Fixes

There are also improvements and fixes that include:

  • Visual
    • Two-handed weapon optimal blocks are now more visually distinct.
    • Fixed a bug where blocking feedback did not display in PvE.
    • Fixed a menu overlap issue when going to the details page from opening a chest in a dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug where the ravaged indicators on the player’s health bar wouldn’t reset between fights.
    • Blocking opponent now reacts visually when receiving damage.
    • Skill cooldowns affected by Harrying Bash in PvP now display a visual change.
    • Fixed issue with post-match time period being too short to play most Emotes all the way through.
    • Fixed opponents becoming invisible on high latency connections in PvP.
  • Audio
    • A new sound cue can be heard when a boss fight detects the player.
    • New Audio for Heart’s Day decorations and emote.
    • Optimized how sound banks for abilities are loaded/unloaded.
    • Fixed bug where no audio was heard when blocking with Spellbreaker after the first round of PvP matches.

You can view the full patch notes here.

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