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It exists! Elden Ring exists and there is no doubt about it. The upcoming game by the Dark Souls and Sekiro developer has been in the shadows for far too long. The game was announced back in E3 2019 with a trailer, after that, FromSoftware mummed the word with no information being revealed even till today. All little “information” we do have is because of leaks and rumors.

A trailer of Elden Ring leaked online has circulated the internet, which you can watch below yourself. The quality of the video is horrible so don’t expect to see shiny visuals. The trailer showed off different types of enemies, a protagonist, and also a dragon.

Previous rumors suggested that the main development of Elden Ring is complete and it is currently in a polishing state. However, take the claim with a grain of salt as it’s not an official announcement. Xbox Head, Phil Spencer earlier said that he had played a good chunk of the game. So maybe the rumor isn’t that far off.

The latest rumor also suggested that the game has been delayed internally multiple times due to COVID-19 and that the new release is sometime in 2022. Given that the trailer is now leaked online, I would expect the developer to soon release the official trailer. No point hiding the game anymore.

Elden Ring seems to have more emphasis on the story compared to previous FromSoftware games. Famous novelist George R. R. Martin, best known for Game of Thrones, is hired as the writer for the game.

What we do know about the game is that it will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. While not officially confirmed, there is no doubt that it will be available on next-gen consoles also.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Elden Ring ? Will you preorder the game or wait for reviews? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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