EA Partnered with Marvel to Develop a New Iron Man Game

An interesting partnership.
An interesting partnership. EA

There’s no question that a lot of fans are happy with how things are going in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly to movies and TV shows. On the video games side, things are also moving forward. Electronic Arts has revealed that it has entered a long-term deal with Marvel to develop at least three action-adventure games.

Each will have its own original story set in the Marvel universe. The first of these games is focused on Iron Man, to be worked on by Motive Studios. It’s going to be a single-player third-person action-adventure game.

This Iron Man game will feature an original narrative drawing on the rich history of this character. Players can look forward to channeling his charisma and complexity, and the creative genius of Tony Stark.

Leading the development team is Olivier Proulx, bringing his experience from previous Marvel titles including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Joining him is a dedicated team composed of passionate industry veterans in the likes of Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau, and JF Poirier.

In a statement, EA COO Laura Miele shared that they have long been fans of Marvel so this is a remarkable moment not just for players and fans but also the developers. She went on to say that they’re looking forward to Marvel being part of the EA family and know that this partnership is sure to come out with exceptional experiences for players. Miele added that they can’t wait to see the reactions of players when they suit up as Iron Man.

Meanwhile, Marvel Games Executive Vice President Jay Ong revealed that they’ve always been working to find the best-in-class teams able to take their characters on heroic journeys in ways never before seen. He said that this partnership with EA is sure to achieve that objective. Ong also said that the team at Motive has already started working on the Iron Man video game and they’re looking forward for players to know more about it in the future.

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