Dragon Ball: The Breakers Developer Has Yet to Resolve a Major Issue


Dimps Corporation, developer of the new fighting game Dragon Ball: The Breakers, launched a new update a couple of days ago that was supposed to fix a major issue.

The issue in question is related to matches, where they did not progress past the versus screen on some platforms. However, the company recently tweeted that it persists even after the patch was applied. The tweet goes on to say that the dev team is currently investigating the cause of the issue. Hopefully, this bug will be addressed very soon.

In a follow-up tweet, the company also assures players that they will be adding some buffs to Raiders soon.

Despite the fact that a major issue has not been resolved yet, the latest patch for Dragon Ball: The Breakers still implemented a lot of bug fixes. For instance, the problem where players could no longer be resurrected after another player halted the process just as the revive gauge maxed out has been rectified.


  • The UI did not display immediately after a match began in ONLINE MATCH and other communication errors occurred.
  • If the connection was lost due to "8/8 Establishing the connection" after a match began, the remaining members would be unable to use the cancel function.
  • There were instances where Survivors were unable to summon Shenron after Raider "Cell" or "Frieza" launched an Ultimate Super Attack
  • If a Survivor received an attack at the same time they used the Active Skill "Capsule (Single-Wheel Motorbike)", sometimes the bike remained on the stage, and the Survivor no longer responded to certain commands
  • There were instances in which players lost their abilities when using a Senzu Bean in PRACTICE MODE on certain platforms
  • If the Raider's dialog played at the same time as Trunks', no further dialog would be played for the Raider
  • If Piccolo's Super Attack "Evil Explosion" was immediately followed up with multiple Ki Blasts, the Raider would no longer receive damage after the second hit
  • An issue in which the spectator camera would not return to the viewpoint of the player's character.
  • An issue in which players were revived while still spectating other teammates
  • If a player evaded while using certain Skills (such as the Grappling Device), they would begin to move at random
  • On the Steam version, a key assign category was added so that the Map/Menu during battle can be opened with Enter+an optional key
  • Even if you do not complete all of the daily and weekly challenges that are displayed, the subsequent challenges will now be displayed

Dragon Ball: The Breakers latest update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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