Dota 2 Viewer's Guide To Midas Mode 2.0

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It's the perfect time to spend some Moonbucks.
It's the perfect time to spend some Moonbucks. Valve

The Midas Mode 2.0 is arguably one of the most interesting features Valve introduced following the recent Dota 2 update. Not only is it the biggest event to take place following The International 2019, but it is also a tournament on a whole new level.

Deemed as a “fun tournament,” Midas Mode 2.0 comes with a prize pool of $150k. While that's not in the same ballpark as the millions featured at The International, I wouldn't say no to that kind of cash.

Now, some Dota 2 players are still wondering what it is all about. Basically, Midas Mode 2.0 is where teams have to spend the tournament currency called “Moonbucks,” to perform every in-game action. This could be anything from picking heroes to eliminating opponents.

Also, fans will be able to buy certain parts of the map and all they have to do is pay the actual money. Valve even said that players can take the role of Roshan.

For teams to start accumulating money, they must complete a series of daily challenges. Considering how difficult these challenges can be, it is imperative that they spend their Moonbucks wisely. After all, you do not want to lose all of your Moonbucks.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Midas Mode 2.0 in Dota 2 is getting the chance to see some of the most legendary teams in the community. And mind you, the champions in T1, T3, T8, and TI9 are expected to be present.

As for the Midas Mode 2.0 format, there will be a total of 12 teams from three completely different regions. These teams will be divided into three regions, which are America, Europe, and Asia. From the get-go, America and EU will be battling each other, while the Asian teams will have to wait to start a couple of days after September 29. The top three teams from each group will have the chance to play in the playoffs, where they are expected to face against the best of the best.

Suffice to say, Midas Mode 2.0 will feature the best and most popular talents in the Dota 2 pro scene. Also, keep in mind that Valve moved the open qualifiers for the new Dota Pro Circuit season. Doing so will allow the upcoming tournament to steer clear and not overlap with Midas Mode 2.0.

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