Dota 2 Roster News: Tundra Releases Newly Signed Members

A surprise move. Tundra Esports

It hasn't been long since Dota 2 team Tundra Esports signed a new roster. For the members of Team Undying, it was another shot to remain in the competitive scene while under an organization. However, that didn't last long as it's been revealed that majority of the members have been released. In fact, the only one remaining right now is Matthew "Whitemon" Filemon.

This move was surprising for some fans considering that the newly signed roster had only been able to play together for one tournament, and the was the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023. The team though didn't do too well as it managed only to get a 7th to 8th place finish. Still, it wouldn't be enough reason to let go of the players.

Even before this announcement, there had been reports that Tundra was in fact planning to release some of the players. It was Whitemon himself who claimed that the only reason why they were signed by Tundra after being let go by TSM was probably to be part of the ESL Pro Tour. It may not be that farfetched of a claim given that they were signed just before the tournament started.

With only Whitemon left, it would be interesting to see who's going to be signed to the roster.

Going Down

It was in 2021 when Tundra Esports first revealed its complete roster. These were formerly members of mudgolems and they were able to then start the season at the Upper Division. Unfortunately, the team wasn't able to qualify for The International 2021 though they did manage to win ESL One Fall 2021. The team had a better showing in 2022 and despite not winning any Majors, were able to qualify for The International 2022. It was here that Tundra started to shine first by ending the Group Stage on top. After that they pretty much dominated their opponents during the Playoffs to eventually win the Grand Final and hoist the Aegis.

As the TI 2022 champions, Tundra managed to do well enough to quality for The International 20233 despite not winning any Majors. Sadly, they weren't able to win again and had to settle for 13th to 16th place. One reason could be the sudden change in the composition of the team. Still, it was probably that performance which made the organization decide to release that roster and sign a new one.

This newly signed roster was the one that was recently let go and there was even no reason given. The only post released related to this was on X (formerly Twitter) which simply thanked them for their "time and dedication."

What do you think of Tundra's roster move?

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