Dota 2 Pro Team Alliance Not Reshuffling Player Roster

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Alliance will not be making any changes to its current roster despite unsatisfactory performance at TI9.
Alliance will not be making any changes to its current roster despite unsatisfactory performance at TI9. Alliance

As every The International event ends, pro Dota 2 teams are expected to start reshuffling players. The goal is pretty simple: rebuild a winning roster. However, TI3 champions Alliance will not succumb to this cliché.

Recently, Complexity Gaming and Mineski have started making changes to their respective rosters. For these two esports organizations, the Dota 2 offseason means finding players that can fit their structure. Apparently, Alliance decided to avoid the reshuffling of its team structure, a decision they made despite their unpleasant performance at the recently concluded The International 2019.

According to the co-owner of the team Kelly “kellyMILKIES” Ong, Alliance did not make any changes to the organization. His comment is meant to shut down all rumors suggesting that Alliance is going to update its Dota 2 roster.

“Just got home & saw the /r/dota2 shuffle thread, we did not release or kick any players,” Ong said in his tweet. “It’s fun for everyone to talk about pro teams shuffles I get it, it’s part of post-TI but please remember all players are also real people so friendly reminder to be kind.”

The tweet is simply a reference to the annual post-TI shuffle thread on the official Dota 2 Reddit. It is where players and fans alike can freely discuss all changes being made to the current professional rosters. But given the fact that it is an open thread, things can easily spin out of control. And, more often than not, discussions could go way off topic.

Perhaps the biggest and most interesting rumor surrounding Alliance is the possibility of replacing Max “qojqva” Brocker with Carry, who is a more proven and reliable midlaner. Still, it looks like the esports team is quite satisfied with how their roster looks.

Although Allaince had a much slower start to their season, they managed to take some huge leaps right around the end of April. Not only did they finish third at the OGA Dota PIT Minor, they also ranked second at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. All of these events lead to their ticket to TI9.

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