'DOTA 2' International 2016 Has Puppets Analyze and Interview, What Is Happening?

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WHAT IS THIS?!? Twitch

I don’t play DOTA 2, but I’m watching The International because I’m a fan of eSports. I’m also a fan of insane and weird things happening, and The International hasn’t disappointed. After game one of Alliance versus Ehome, the analyst desk started to look a little less human. Puppets had taken over the desk, with casters commentating on the games with hands inside puppets.

There was even a cut away to a Siractionslacks interview that had him talking through a sock puppet with a headset and a tie. It was glorious, hilarious and kept me entertained during the lull between games. When games are over, the 10 to 15 minutes it takes to start a new one can get pretty boring. Valve tried something different to keep people's attention, and it worked. My friend (who’s been constantly texting me about what’s happening in the game) just kept sending “WHAT” in all capital letters.

When the next game started, none of the casters admitted anything had happened. Neither of us could believe what we were seeing.

I hope that we get more ridiculous and funny moments at The International. If Riot did something like this for Worlds of League of Legends , I think the internet might break.

You can watch The International here:

Watch live video from dota2ti on www.twitch.tv


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