Dota 2: The 2022 Battle Pass Features the Faceless Void Arcana

Take my money!
Take my money! Valve

The International is, without a doubt, the biggest annual event in Dota 2. Coming in a close second is the release of the Battle Pass. The good news is we finally have the 2022 Battle Pass, and the highlight is the Faceless Void Arcana.

Before we get into what the Battle Pass can offer, this year is different from previous ones. That's because we're getting a two-part Battle Pass. Part I is from September 1 to November 2 to celebrate The International 2022 and the road leading to it. Part II is from November 3 to January 12, focusing on the post-tournament season while also bringing back the classic Diretide event but with a twist.

There are three tiers available:

  • Level 1 Bundle: $9.99
  • Level 50 Bundle: $29.35
  • Level 100 Bundle: $44.99
Take note that 25% of every purchase goes to the prize pool of TI. As of this writing, the prize pool is around $5.5 million.

Faceless Void Arcana

The Faceless Void Arcana is Claszian Apostasy, unlocked when you reach Level 495 of the Battle Pass. The story behind this one is that he was once a devoted Acolyte of Clasz, but turned oathbreaker and not only betrayed his faith but also stole a measure of power from his god's unknowable expanse. However, that connection to Clasz opened a terrible gateway where he must find victims to meet the endless need of his former master or be consumed by the power himself.

This new arcana comes with:

  • All New Model and Pedestal
    • Faceless Void's model and pedestal have transformed under the corruption of Clasz's true touch.
  • Custom Animations and Effects
    • Features a full set of all-new animations and ambient effects.
    • New effects available for Time Walk, Time Dilation, Time Lock, and Chronosphere.
  • Custom Hero Assets
    • An all-new Hero Portrait, Ability Icons, a minimap icon, and new item icons for Mask of Madness, Maelstrom, and Mjollnir.
  • ​800+ Arcana-Exclusive Voice Lines
    • Faceless Void has an all-new voice performance by the original actor that adds an expansive number of interactions to his frightening transformation.

Those able to obtain the arcana get the chance to unlock the Claszian Supremacy alternate style. To do that, they need to earn 250 points. An enemy that dies under Chronosphere awards one point, with a maximum of six points available in a single victory. Kills and assists count, so don’t be afraid to let teammates in on the action.

Other Features

In addition to the new Arcana items for Faceless Void, players can also get access to Mythical and Immortal treasures. There are also Arcana items available for Razor. New content also includes the Personas for Phantom Assassin, Crystal Maiden, and Prestige set for Primal Beast.

Check out the full features of The 2022 Battle Pass here. Dota 2 is available on PC.

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