The Doors of Trithius: Patch v0.3.4 Introduces Botany and Item Sorting

The Doors of Trithius
The Doors of Trithius Steam

The Doors of Trithius is a 2D roguelike RPG set in the mysterious world of Enalia. This game creates randomly generated content, including towns, dungeons, and World Map in every playthrough. It has an elaborate skill system where unlocking all of your character’s skills would require you to explore the world and visit various trainers.

Patch v0.3.4 was implemented not long ago which introduces the Botany skill. It also added new features, such as item favoriting and item sorting.

Harvest Plants

Botany is a skill that can be selected at the start of the game. All mushrooms and flowers have what the devs call “identified” and “unidentified” states. Identified plants can be seen in color and you’ll have a higher chance of harvesting them successfully.

Unidentified and Identified States
Unidentified and Identified States Steam

Now, it is important to note that failing to harvest mushrooms may lead to a “critical fail” event. This may result in different outcomes, such as:

  • Skin rash
  • Poison cloud
  • Mushroom explosion
  • Falling asleep
  • Unearthing a new creature type called the “Demon Centipede"

Anyway, the Gardener’s Gloves is a new item that increases the chance to harvest plants. Furthermore, new icons have been added for all flowers and mushrooms.

New Features

The developers have also included new features in Patch v0.3.4. The first is a feature that allows you to sort items by name, weight, type, or favorite.

The other feature lets you mark certain items as your favorites. You can do this by either right-clicking on an item or by pressing the “F” key. Favorited items appear with a star and are pinned at the top of the inventory by default.


  • Fixed player able to exit out of the level up page without sleeping
  • Fixed player able to drop the eye of ascension
  • Fixed the level up light not working correctly and flashing when there is no level
  • Fixed inventory closing when entering a dungeon
  • Fixed weird pathing to NPCs, where a path is highlighted despite the player standing right beside
  • Fixed path sometimes not being optimal when hovering the mouse over map features or other NPCs

A minor update has been applied as well. Here are the patch notes:

Patch v0.3.4b

  • Fixed performance issues in town due to NPCs or player paths attempting to find a path to unreachable locations. All game zones now cache unreachable locations, which is used to instantly terminate invalid paths
  • Fixed unlootable barrels appearing in caves

The Doors of Trithius Patch v0.3.4 is available on PC.

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