The Division 2 Update 15.1: Countdown, Expertise and Upgrade Animation Fixes

The Division 2 Title Update 15.1
The Division 2 Title Update 15.1 Twitter/@TheDivisionGame

The Division 2 received an update that fixed some issues present since the launch of Season 9. It included the fixes for Expertise, Countdown, and gear and weapons.


Countdown is an eight-player endgame mode introduced in Season 9. The new mode had a few issues resolved in this update. One of them was an issue where players were stuck on 100% loading screen after exiting the Countdown mode. Players usually had to restart the game to continue playing the game. Updating the game should fix this bug.


The developers fixed an issue where the upgrade animation was not being displayed when the player upgrades a skill or signature weapon in the Expertise menu. This sometimes led to confusion, which made players double-check their upgrades. This issue has been resolved and players should now see the animation while upgrading.

The Division 2 Update 15.1

  • The “Bluescreen” and “Dread Edict” exotic weapons are now being displayed on the wall in the shooting range.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Chill Out" mask missing Gila Guard branding.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Dread Edict” Exotic SVD not stacking with the “Perfect Focus” armor talent.
  • Players can no longer gain the "Disruptor Rounds" stacks by shooting wildlife and dead NPCs with the "Bluescreen" Exotic LMG.
  • Fixed the pulse immunity: it is now protecting against headshots
  • Fixed the issue with the headshots made with Heartbreaker set equipped giving the bonus armor even if the other player has 100% pulse resistance
  • Fixed the issue with the named "Chill Out" mask not dropping from the Named Item Cache
  • Fixed an issue with the enemy NPC spawning in reactor after encounter was completed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hunters being shown as Black Tusk on the "Inspect" frame of the death screen.
  • “Donate All Junk” button functionality is now fixed and should be giving the same number of materials regardless of the menu category.
  • Upgrade grades are now displayed on SKILL and SIGNATURE WEAPONS in the inventory similar to Gear and Weapon items.
    • The grade is also displayed in the Expertise Menu.
  • Corrected the Expertise progression so that Proficiency ranks gained with kill XP will no longer count double towards expertise levels.

You can read more about the update here.

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