DiRT 5 Career Mode Details Revealed By Codemasters

A four-player split-screen option will be made available for the mode.
DiRT 5's Career Mode has been detailed by developer Codemasters in a forum post update.
DiRT 5's Career Mode has been detailed by developer Codemasters in a forum post update. Codemasters

Publisher Codemasters has just unveiled new information regarding the Career Mode in DiRT 5, showcasing what fans should expect in the upcoming driving sim game. DiRT 5 was announced last month and is the eighth installment in the DiRT series.

Players are dropped off in the middle of the world of dirt racing as a rookie. The story starts off with Alex Janieek – also known as AJ, voiced by Troy Baker (known for being the voice of Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite and Joel in The Last of Us). AJ is an undisputed star and fan favorite in the world of DiRT, and him taking the player under his wing will only help your chances in rising to the top of the ultra-competitive sport he has dominated for years. As for the player’s arch-nemesis, he comes in the form of Bruno Durand – the ultra-competitive, cold, and calculated veteran voiced by none other than Nolan North.

DiRT 5 's Career mode is split into five chapters that aim to cover key moments in the game’s narrative, with each chapter offering multiple paths that will dictate the events players will want to participate in. Players still have the option to race in everything Career Mode has to offer, though, which is “over 130 events across nine different race types, featuring every location in DiRT 5”. Chapter and Career progression is moved forward by performing well in races. Higher places mean more Stamps. More Stamps means more earnings, bringing you closer to unlocking main events for each chapter.

Other ways to progress through the Career Mode are through the power of sponsorships, which include 20 real-world brands like Monster Energy, Sparco, Michelin, Fatlace, and even Codemasters themselves. Each sponsor will have unique targets and rewards once you sign with them. Changing sponsors or staying loyal is also a huge choice that players will have to make once they are on the dirt track. Loyalty may pay off huge in the future, but moving to another or multiple sponsors may offer more in the present.

Lastly, DiRT 5's Career Mode will include four-player split screen modes for races with more than one driver. Race rewards will count the highest ranking of any player-controlled driver, so there are more chances of getting higher rankings, more stamps, and more bonuses by teaming up.

DiRT 5 will launch for current and next-gen consoles, PC via Steam, and Google Stadia in early 2021.

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